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Mature content
SnB: Charles' scars and tattoos :iconana-mizuki:Ana-Mizuki 0 0
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Item claimed: A Small Crucifix.
Benandanti built, they fortified and when the chips were down, they offered shelter from their safe houses. The Forge had been one such project, meant specifically to make sure if things went south, there would be a shelter for the wolves. A private activity centre, meant for the Benan to also work on their own projects, it was a perfect place for the clan to introduce new members to the clan as well.

Cecil sat in an empty store lot, working on his bone and wood crafts. His fingers shook and he blinked hard, trying to focus on his work. At times, other weres passed him, either moving farther from him or giving him glares. The latter were usually former Cinocephali members who still held old grudges. Or were just afraid.

One such pair was staring at Cecil when Abbot Cuthbert cut between them rather. One of the 'cino' snarled at him, but the old wolf bared his own teeth and reminded the two where they were.

Cecil chuckled weakly, focusing back on his work. He had gotten new knives, but he still wanted to replace the knife he had lost at the Big Bad Bar. Only, he couldn't focus, his mind ran all around him and didn't wish to focus or settle down.

"Why are you still sitting here, brother?" Cuthbert asked Cecil, carefully avoiding touching him. Cecil grimaced, trying to place his words right in his head before speaking.

"Uh...I need to work, to replace what I broke and what I did" Cecil answered, looking away from Cuthbert. Who frowned at Cecil's statement.

"What you did? Cecil, what are you trying to do? Pay penance?" he asked, his words stopping Cecil's busy fingers. He swallowed hard, looking up to his abbot.

"Yes? I killed a man in cold blood, not offering him redemption" he said, voice a bit broken. Cuthbert sniffed the air near Cecil, blood and pain and lust. The blood was common on the white wolf, sure. But Cecil was about as celibate as the church fathers centuries before, let alone as prone to causing pain.

"What happened, Brother Cecil? What did they do to you?" Cuthbert asked the young man, who blinked hard, trying to force away the tears. One method was to look away and try to refocus on his work.

That was a fruitless effort, however, as the white wolf could not stop his hands from shaking and his throat from closing up.

"I...have sinned in flesh, Father" he began, Cuthbert wanted to roll his eyes at that, but the way Cecil worded it made him only nod at him. The young man was usually far less emotional, so this had to be important.

"First by Lesharo, the monster whose head now rests atop a pike outside the Lycaon territory. He violated me, calling me a breeding stock worthy of his clan. Then by my own claws, towards Lesharo's other victim, I made him try to kill me and his housemate wanted to violate me as well...So I was led to another pack to heal" Cecil explained, his fur growing on his hands as he spoke, teeth sharpening just a bit as well. Cuthbert watched Cecil, trying to decide how to approach this. It was one thing to calm someone after their conscience hurt after a kill, but abuse of this kind was hard to heal.

"This all in these few days?" the abbot asked, Cecil, nodding in response.

"Cecil, we are no longer the Cinocephali, you do not need to pay penance for self-defense. Not when you were seen trying to speak of peace by others in the bar" Cuthbert said, deciding to place his hand on Cecil's shoulder. The white wolf flinched and the hand was removed fast.
"As for what you suffered, you know it wasn't your fault. As long as you can still stand, you should not fear to heal. It is the way of the Cino to hide and let the wound fester" he added.

"You have proved you can work hard, now you must rest and try your best to heal your mind. I have a task for you that might help" the abbot offered, Cecil quickly looking up and trying to realign his composure.

"What task?" he asked, sniffing the air. There was a scent of another wolf there. Watching them. Cecil's upper lip twitched, exposing his long canines enough to show whoever was eavesdropping to leave and soon.

"I am setting you up with an apprentice, someone who needs a good mentor to teach him," Cuthbert said with amazing calmness, as a piebald young man snuck into view. He held in his hands a messenger bag and looked utterly lost. Cecil frowned at the young man, causing him to take a step back.

"Ignatius, this is Brother Cecil. He will be teaching you about our ways better than I ever could" the older monk said, ignoring Cecil's quick dominance to Ignatius.

"I haven't been a Benandantus for long, abbot. Why me?" Cecil asked, standing up and causing Ignatius to shrink even further.

"Like I said, he needs someone firm to teach him the value of hard work and self-sufficiency. And you need to do something else than get swallowed up by meaningless labour" Cuthbert noted. Cecil culdn't help but grit his teeth a little, as he looked at the young and unsure mess.

But, he did need something else to do, and currently his mind was racing with thoughts of how badly he did things towards Cain. Letting him be hurt by his words over and over again was not how a bendantus should handle themselves.

"All right" he said to the abbot, somewhat ignoring the newbie for now. Abbot Cuthbert smiled at Cecil, patting him on the back.

"Well then, I also have a gift for you" he said, offering Cecil something in a cloth bag.
"I may not believe the stories they speak of your father, but you need to keep your wits about you these next days" he noted. Cecil took the bag gingerly, feeling the spiritual rise out of it.

"Thank you, abbot" he said, eyeing the newbie then.
"Ignatius, I hope you are ready to work" he said sharply, causing the piebald young man to shake and nod. Cecil grimaced at the sight mentally, this was not going to be fun.


Returning to the Lycaon safe-house his pack was now temporarily living in, Cecil walked carefully around not to disturb Abel or Charles.

Instead, he went to a quiet corner to sit and think. Sitting still, Cecil held onto his rosary in a way he hadn't since he left high school. He was not ready for a fight, he couldn't stand conflict and fighting right now. His junk still ached and Lesharo's words echoed in his mind.

Worst of all, was the look of defiance in Hepburn's eyes.

Cecil snapped at the air like a chained dog, shaking his head. No, he shouldn't give up, he was a Benan for God's sakes! Still, Cecil didn't manage to rouse of his anger much. He had to rest now, he had to let himself heal.

The new clan didn't need a rabid dog as a member, that was for sure.
SnB: Cecil- Omnia Event part 2
Item claimed: A Small Crucifix.

Cecil's had a rough week, and he ends up realising he needs a break.
SnB: Charles' scars and tattoos
What Charles looks in human form, only his torn ears show in furred forms.

Tattoo meanings;

Barbed wires: No one can hold him down again without his permission.
SSC: Safe, Sane and Consensual. The BDSM mantra.
Stitches over his heart: Angsty teen years, he is too attached to it to let it fade.
Marchosias: Charles' demon ancestor in a cariacture form.
'Please': Getting 'bitch' carved to your back needs to be fixed somehow.
SnB: Cecil scars
These are the major scars Cecil currently has, thanks to the events.

Burn scars: Took a full brunt of glass+fireball in his chest and arms without regen being active. Does not show in fur, but the areas look clearly a bit smooth in human skin.

Back scars: Ualac clawed him, leaving Cecil a lovely set of burned claw marks.

Groin scars: After Amanda tried to molest him, Cecil had a meltdown and tried to castrate himself. didn't succeed.

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Summer had come, after a harsh winter and even harsher times for the werewolf community of Chambury. Though things weren't over by far, Cecil had found himself a quiet enough spot to rest in.

In the woods, surrounded by nothing but the sounds of birds and the ever-present chatter of leaves, Cecil thought back to his home in Yukon.

11 years old.

The foster kids had begun to pack their bags for the trip to Nunavut. This was a big thing since the Church had long oppressed the First Nations people. In addition, most of these kids had minimal or very warped experience of their nations' culture. This trip was an effort to try and fix things.

On the windowsill, Cecil watched as the other kids traded news and spoke of their foster parents or their bio parents. They had a connection there, something Cecil couldn't help but envy a little. As far as he knew, his parents had died in a car accident and he was taken to the orphanage very young.

The Sisters who ran the place had never placed him on the list of potential foster children for some reason. They often said he was safer like this, though Cecil frankly did not believe them. It was often hard watching kids of his race come and go, some came back, some found permanent homes.
But him? Due to his looks, he was forever stuck in this wretched house, a spectator to everything and everyone else.

The boy grumbled, easily getting himself back to the floor from the tall windowsill. He headed for the group, eager to join in and maybe hear some cool thing.

"Cecil, where are you going?" Asked a calm and collected voice, hiding enough steel for Cecil to freeze on the spot.

"I was just...uh.. going to say goodbye to them?" he tried, trying to not look sheepish for being found out. Father Johan shook his head, in a way that made Cecil think he still saw him as a five-year-old.

"Cecil, Cecil, what have I told you about them?" the priest asked, placing his hand on Cecil's shoulder. Cecil slumped a bit, looking away.

"No one there would want me, I look too weird" he repeated a sentence Father Johan had instilled in him. It still felt awful to say that, but it was true. When he was a baby, no one had even bothered to look at him or foster him.

They didn't want a ghostly boy with white hair and blue eyes, they wanted a child that looked like them.

"Good. Now, if you are good, I might be able to get you some time in the library. Alone" Father Johan encouraged him, making Cecil beam.

As he was walking away, however, he heard the Abbess address, Johan. As much as lying and dishonesty had been beaten as wrong to him, Cecil still couldn't help but hide and listen.

"Father, you shouldn't deny him this. The boy needs some ties to the outside world" she said firmly and Johan made a growl-like sound in response.

"He -has- ties and a family, sister. I am just making sure he stays safe" the priest noted, marching off.

Stays safe, huh? Cecil slumped against the wall, feeling that twinge of envy again.
16 years old.

It was one thing to cosplay Sephiroth at a convention, gain the attention and praise for his accurate portrayal of the character. How he managed to do the hair and the eyes, and how long he had had to go to the gym and suffer heels to match the character's height.

It was quite another when you in real life you were seven foot tall and had the exact same hair colour as the video game character. The rundown country school was not built for his height, and he had hit his head at every door frame since fourth grade.

His looks did not exactly help, but no one bullied him. They just kept their distance, which was entirely fine by Cecil. If they wanted to see him as a ghost, without even knowing him, then their loss.

It was his teammates that were the bigger issue, anyway.

Getting ready for practice, the other teens joked and egged each other on. Only giving Cecil brief nods, at least making sure they had noticed him. Cecil would have been less worried about them, had their fear been just the same isolation tactic the rest of the school used.

"So, are we ready?" he asked, taking a ball and dribbling it a bit. There were nods, and they followed his example. But even as coach ordered them to pair up, there was always this sense of distance they kept from him. Like they saw something in him that was far more wrong than his looks.

After the practice, Cecil had extra courses in Bible studies. Father Johan was pushing Cecil harder now, knowing he could one day be a priest. An actual priest and not just someone from the backwoods with a basketball scholarship. Someone people wouldn't fear so much.

That was worth all this fear and pain for Cecil, his goal was set and his road towards it was made for him.

It made him feel a bit better about the blank looks others gave him.

19 years old, post change.

Brother Otto was dead, gored all over the forest floor in Quebec. They said it wasn't really his fault, it was just in his blood.

They told him of his father, the Wendigo. A cannibal and a monster. Cecil had inherited his evil, but he could combat it with faith. Directed by the Cinocephali, a secret organisation of Christian werewolves. And more specifically, Father Johan.

Cecil couldn't shake the ill-feeling he had about the group, however. Father Johan had many times claimed Cecil's parents had died in a car crash. To hear him switch the story to how they were actually monsters so easily, made Cecil lose the trust he had had for the priest.

The worst part of it all was, that he ended up failing Father Johan anyway. he had hoped Cecil would become one of the recruiters for the clan, but his social skills were not honed for it.

And just like that, Cecil was sent to Italy to train to be an assassin and take the vows of a monk. With his whole life turned upside down, Cecil couldn't argue against his Elders. But he had lost his trust in these men. It did not help that the human side of the church had been exposed as a ring of monsters of another kind.

The monastery in Italy was still a place Cecil found himself belonging to, with Abbot Cuthbert directing him and showing him support Johan had never shown. Maybe this life wouldn't be that bad after all?


Cecil's claws were wet from blood, a regrettable fact but one he had to just accept for now. The benan stared at the faded orange fur of Father Johan, who had tried to get a drop on him.

Part of Cecil wanted to gut the man and leave him to bleed out. But there had been enough bloodshed already from both sides. And he was not a cino anymore, he should be better.

Before he could do anything, however, the reddish wolf snarled at him.
/This is how you repay me, whelp? I saved you from the cannibals, gave you a roof over your head, kept you from being abused. And you run away the first chance you get? I guess there is no saving those of your kind/ he growled, staring at Cecil with disgust. Cecil, however, felt his anger disappear at those words.

/Even dogs eat the crumbs that fall from their master's table, Father/ he quoted the verse, shaking his furry head.

/You wanted me to be your dog, to be a good Christian and a good priest. And I will never forget that. But you leashed me and told me to look away from my own culture, to only focus on the task you wanted me to fulfil/ he grumbled, needle-like fangs exposed at the ginger wolf desperately healing on the ground.

/My father may have been a monster and his family no better. But you took the choice away from me, the choice to-/ he began, teeth exposed, but Johan cut in with a snort.

/You never had a choice, Cecil. You were damned from the start to be a monster. The wolf that bit me, she took away -my- choice. Don't flatter yourself thinking you are anything like me. I tried to give you at least some chance of redemption. But I guess Angelo was right, your lot can't be helped/ the priest spat, but shrunk as Cecil moved towards him.

/You seem pretty well in control for such vitriol towards my kind/ he noted, mane bristling then.

/But, I recommend you run now, if you value your hide/ he growled, watching as the much smaller wolf took to all fours and bolted.

Cecil's stomach twisted at the sight, how easily they cast him aside when he was no longer useful. How easily the wrote him and his new clan off when it became convenient.

The dogs of Jerusalem had certainly eaten the crumbs of their masters' tables, but they also roamed free with no collars around their necks and only the scorn of the people on their backs. It was the Romans whose dogs wore collars, who knew a master like a dog should. Cecil pondered if this was the case with the Benan and Cino as well, the other happily leashed and obedient to their master. The other living near humans, but knowing they were not welcome any further and being fine with that.

The white wolf returned to the woods, his crumbs eaten for the day.
SnB: Cecil-Benandanti- Growth Challenge
14. How has being a shapeshifter improved their quality of life? How has it damaged it?</i>

A look into Cecil's past, and the choices he didn't get to make.
SnB: The legacy of Lesharo
A Great and Wicked King died,
And he left his subjects gifts.

To the Prince, a kingdom was left,
A crown of blood and forest of weeping trees was this land,
And even the Prince was not spared from the King's wickedness.

To those lesser, was left the memory of Grasping Claws,
Of violated bodies and of mind broken under the King's ire.

But one escaped the King's claws, one stayed pure,
Through the trickery of a ghostly mother, the Saint was saved.

A tribute picture to :iconjustt-k: and the story of the Hargreaves Clan.



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community

Just to update my journal, here are some tips with art I've found useful myself.

1.Draw draw draw.
The mantra of anyone who wants to learn to draw, you have to actually do it. A lot. And fail, and then draw again. Every good thing you do is learned through hard work, and a lot of it. Even though this (… ) video is about game design, it holds the same message. This also applies to things like character design. Go look at any gallery for someone who has been in DA for years, you will see how their characters start complex and busy but get honed down into much more fluid designs over time.

2. Photoshop, Copics, Tablets,etc. are tools, not shortcuts.

I own copics, I own two wacom tablets, I have a scanner, I have photoshop and Sai. These are great for helping me, but they are still not what makes my art look good. Heck, sometimes it feels I do better art by just using a pencil and notebook paper than with Sai and a wacon tablet.

3. Use Microsoft Paint.
Yes, seriously, use paint. Yes, it is very bare bones, but that is actually why it is a good training ground. I made these: There is no place like bloody by Ana-Mizuki  The Trials of Messiah by Ana-Mizuki with paint, and while there are plenty of bad elements in them, having to essentially draw everything into a single layer with limited tools taught me the basics of shading and lighting and how to make lineart.

4. Explore different ways and styles.
In the age of Internet, it's very easy to find different sorts of tutorials/speedpaints for different styles. Use this, find a style you think looks good and watch a speedpaint of it. Then try to replicate it in your own art, even if you don't get it right at first, just knowing the other style can aid in the future. Especially when it comes to mood-related pictures, knowing how to bring out different emotions through style variation is helpful.

5. Study how other visual arts do their thing.
Another youtube bait tip, but this can be very useful in figuring out how to get certain looks in your art. Even if you never plan to, say, 3D model anything, seeing a speedmodel will help understand how a certain look is created. I personally recommend looking anything related to practical effects in horror movies. Knowing how a mask or a puppet is built will help you  replicate the look or feel in your art.


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