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SnB: Pearly whites
..Or, lack of them, rather. This is what Charles' teeth look like in wereform. Filthy, yellow and with infected gums.
SnB: False purity all round
So the Cino Clan, a clan of religious werewolves who seek redemption, has a bit of a hilarious problem.

All current active members are genetically black furred. Yes, Abel, Cain and Cecil -look- pale or gray. But that is due to being dilluted.

So in effect, these Cino LOOK like pure angels, but aren't actually even pale coated. As for Asher? He's just outright black and white.

Cain and Abel belong to :iconjustt-k:

Asher belongs to :iconteknicolortiger:
SnB: I can't clear the leaves from here...
I can't clear the leaves from here

They're too far under the brush this year

I can't clear the leaves from here(

They're too far under the brush this year


Life in the Cult was rarely fun, but for young Charles, it tore him apart from the inside.

Dirty Night Clowns is a song very tied to how I see a younger Charles. Sad, broken and feeling unable to do anything but endure.
Silver and Bone - Charles

Name: Cù Chulainn /Charles

Silvers: 0 (9 used with TT's permission)

-2 to Regen 3

-2 to At-Will Shifting 3

-1 to autojoin Lycaon

-2 to Animal Form

-1 to Torture Power

Bones per Scene: 6

Clan name:  Lycaon
Status: Member

Clan Relationships:
                Versipellis: Allied
                Ulfhednar: Accepting
                Lycaon: Confused
                Cinocephali: Suspicious

Pack name:

Werespecies: Wolf (Inbred, somewhat dog-like)

Forms: Animal

Eclipsed Form: Animal

Age or DOB: Looks to be about 31sh, date of birth is around 1930s.

Complexion: Ashenish olive

Gender: Male

Eye color: Red
(Transformed) Eye color: Red

Hair color/style: Black, though gray stripes can appear at times, a mark of his unusual birth form, it is kept slicked back or tied into a ponytail. While not oily, it can stand up hilariously if not gelled or tied.

(Transformed) Fur/scale color/pattern: Bristly wavy fur shaded from dark gray or black to light gray or even white. It is long and the muscles do not show underneath well.  Fur is shaded with dried blood. Especially around jaws and nose, arms or chest.

Build: Muscled, but growing soft. A square build, nothing really standing out. But there are parts that show some marks of his inbreeding. Charles' teeth are strange, while he has mostly the normal human dendition, his canines are longer and more wolf-like.

His eyes are also strange. Tiny pupils and blood red irises. Most humans think he is a body modification freak, and Charles does need contacts because his eyesight is slightly skewed by his pupils.

Despite these oddities, Charles looks much like an eternally high older man. His eyes are tired looking, he dresses in 30s gangster fashion, and he tends to just lounge.

(Transformed) Build: In his birth form, Charles looks like a large, heavily furred upright wolf. Though he has fully functional hands and his anatomy is not unusual, his fur covers his torso so much that even the larger muscles of the were form are obscured. The fur is frizzy and rough, not smooth like on a normal wolf. This is largely manifested in his tail, which looks like a mix between a bottle brush and a wire brush by texture. Charles’ hands are thickly clawed, but those claws are yellowish stained and duller than they would be a wolf of his age. His teeth are similarly stained, yellow and dulled.

Height: 6'0''
(Transformed) Height: 7'5''

Personality:  On the surface, Charles is calm and collected. Drowsy eyes and an inclination to partake in various drugs add to the image. But under that façade, he is barely holding onto a sense of identity. Not that he needs an idea who he -should- be, but that goal is frequently hard to hang onto when his bestial nature pushes to the forefront. Charles does not fear what he is, he was born one; he just has little experience of a sound and healthy social interaction without strings attached. Literal or figurative.

Since he Changed, all things came with a price and his 'family' were forceful salespeople. Charles suffers from PTSD from the violation done to him. Now that he is away from the cult, child abusers often face very messy ends if found out. The greater problem is his learned helplessness coupled with a healthy dose of self-esteem issues and masochism. It is not rare for the wolf to search for someone to obey. His tainted blood has been put to use in rituals many times, and for those he deems worthy, he gives it to them willingly.

He gives other things freely, as well. Charles would gladly say he is pansexual, but the truth is that any understanding of orientation is long-lost to him. He wishes he knew why humans and other weres are such prudes at times. Other days he sees how far he has to still go. Now and then, he indulges in teaching some sexually repressed Cino members what worldly pleasures are.

Because of all of this, Charles is insanely dedicated to becoming a cultured scholar. Charles typically spends all the time he can in libraries and more obscure bookstores. Yet, at times the books he borrows do not come back. Or, if they are returned, are missing pages. Charles remembers the price paid for knowledge and he does not want anyone else to suffer like he did. In other respects, despite his ignorance, he has a certain appeal to him. He is polite and smart, and he speaks very nicely. A remnant of his days as a cultist, one might say.


In the British Isles, there have always been legends of Black Dogs. Whether they be messengers, guardians, or doom bringers, each village still has their own take on the creature.

While actual Black Dogs exist, two werewolf clans also once held the moniker. In an unusual collaboration, Versipellis and the Lycaon agreed to form a dual clan cult based on the creature. The Versi would promote the messenger and protector angle and the Lycaon would be the doomsayers and slayers. It worked, both clans gaining the advantage of the myths.

A group from the Lycaon side moved into the deep wilderness of Scotland to propagate the myth there. In the beginning, affairs went great. But as the pool of werewolves had grown smaller, over time the group's theology evolved. It was harmless at first, simply minor changes to their rituals. But once one member contacted an ancient demon, things deteriorated fast from there.

The demon, known as Marchosias, was a creature that wished more than anything to return to its former life as an angel. It thought through the ritualistic werewolves, it might gain it a chance to go back. Pity that Hell had long since warped its view of right and wrong, and the wolves it pursued as partners were already inhuman.

With demon blood in the veins of some of their offspring, the Cult sought new members to convert. They also inbred among themselves to keep the demon blood strong. This blend of kidnapping and inbreeding led to an unusual jumble of genetics, boosted by the demon blood.

Charles was birthed in fur, by that time it was not that unusual for the Cult's cubs. He and his mother lived near the borders of the cult's territory with other youngsters of the cult. Only those that changed and demonstrated their devotion could live in the central circle of the territory. Given Charles was born with only red eyes as a brand of his ancestry, he was not given much attention from the Elders. There existed other children born with fur that manifested more promising features among the Cult.

Charles Changed when he was physically 12. His change came with a lot of doubt because suddenly his mother acted anxious towards him and often tried to avoid him entirely. The Elders, at least the ones that visited the outskirts few times a month, sounded eager to invite him to the inner circle. Later, he would find out it was because of his long ears and wolf-like teeth. Signs of favor from King Lycaon.

Regardless, Charles and his fellow recent changers were dragged further into the territory. After a bit of traveling, they arrived in a chamber where a large crowd of weres already waited. The whelps were forced to drink a draught, and their world plunged into an unstable and blood filled chaos. The cubs were pitted against one another; the losers of these fights were raped by the Elders to see how much they could take until they broke and as a way to establish the dominion of the Elders over them. Those who passed away from their injuries or tried to flee were used to kindle the ritual. Charles was one of the 'lucky' ones to live through the horrid ritual. He was accepted as a member of the Lycaon.

For most of his young adulthood, life changed little for him from that night. Everything he got, he got through offering some kind of tokens. Whether favors or giving his blood or flesh for older wolves to use. When the Cult hunted for food or sacrifices, Charles tried to mimic the 'lessons' he was taught. But aside from killing and eating humans, he was not able to bring himself to hurt others. He instead focused on letting the humans hurt him before killing them.

His life took a slightly better turn when he joined a pack of other young cultists to visit various places in nearby human areas. They mostly used drugs and hunted straggler teens, but Charles often found himself at libraries as well.

As the human world focused less on control than the Cult, he spent most of his time reading and studying. This freedom from abuse gave Charles the courage to try the tricks he had been taught as a cub. With his charm, Charles got a reputation of screwing anyone anywhere. Once BDSM culture came to Scotland, the wolf was overjoyed.

Life in the Cult carried on as usual; Charles had more power now, but simply as a blessed example of a 'true' Lycaon. His fur had faded from its pitch black shade to a dark gray, teeth and claws dirty from the Cult's poor hygiene. He seemed utterly stuck.

One day, when Charles arrived in the territory, he saw an awful mess of werewolf bodies lining the borders, and strange wolves there. Charles took on his were form easily, but fighting against multiple other weres is never easy. Luckily, they ceased their attack once he stopped struggling, asking for his name. He told them reluctantly, not wanting to die.

The strangers asked him if he wanted to continue killing and kidnapping humans for rituals for the Cult's demon. Charles, after thinking about it a bit, said no. The stranger wolves chased him off and told him never to return. The Cult of the Black Dog was dead.

Charles ran, meeting a pack of Versi who were curious about his wounds and his looks. Tired of it all, Charles spilled his guts on them. It was a long ramble of suffering and shame. He waited for the pack alpha to dominate him, but that did not happen. Instead, they offered him support and tried to make him heal.

Charles fled from them too, after a while. Heading off as far from his former home as he could. Chambury seemed perfect.

Random Facts:

- Both his ears are torn, from inner cult fighting mostly. Charles also has quite a few scars from his childhood.

-Ironically for a cannibal and a wolf, Charles loves cooking and eating vegetable based foods.

- Racial background can be considered heavily mixed, though mostly Asian and Middle-Eastern.

- He has a variety of tattoos, most notable are long sleeves of barbed wire done in bright blue ink.

- While Charles likes tattoos, he isn't as crazy about piercings. They need upkeep and shifting with them is harder. Getting pierced, though, is fun.

-Is a submissive masochist, utterly and totally. Loves pain and is known for taking on some very rough punishment. This has made him pretty unpopular as a sub in more moderate circles.

- Thinks 30s outfits are cool, beyond reason.

- Is a good singer, and often showcases this talent.

- Is not averse to painting his skin and fur.

- Much to Cino's annoyance, used to pose as a priest when he was still with the Cult.



           Let It Flow (1)

          At-Will Shifting (Rank 3)
          Regeneration ( Rank 3)

          Tortured Power (1)

Character Use: Charles can be used for most things, be it ritual scenes or a random Lycaon in a scene. He does not attack innocents, or hassle other werewolves if he figures them out. He also enjoys pain and dominance, something to keep in mind if you wound him.

Descriptions for alternate forms:

Form: Animal- Wolf...thing.

Eye color: Red

Height: 3ft from the shoulder.

Build: Kind of fat for a wolf, though mostly muscle.

Fur/scale color/pattern: Dark gray fading to white.

Abilities: None

Misc.: Is a sort of 'escape' form for Charles. When he wants to be smaller and not seen.

Just to update my journal, here are some tips with art I've found useful myself.

1.Draw draw draw.
The mantra of anyone who wants to learn to draw, you have to actually do it. A lot. And fail, and then draw again. Every good thing you do is learned through hard work, and a lot of it. Even though this (… ) video is about game design, it holds the same message. This also applies to things like character design. Go look at any gallery for someone who has been in DA for years, you will see how their characters start complex and busy but get honed down into much more fluid designs over time.

2. Photoshop, Copics, Tablets,etc. are tools, not shortcuts.

I own copics, I own two wacom tablets, I have a scanner, I have photoshop and Sai. These are great for helping me, but they are still not what makes my art look good. Heck, sometimes it feels I do better art by just using a pencil and notebook paper than with Sai and a wacon tablet.

3. Use Microsoft Paint.
Yes, seriously, use paint. Yes, it is very bare bones, but that is actually why it is a good training ground. I made these:There is no place like bloody by Ana-Mizuki The Trials of Messiah by Ana-Mizuki with paint, and while there are plenty of bad elements in them, having to essentially draw everything into a single layer with limited tools taught me the basics of shading and lighting and how to make lineart.

4. Explore different ways and styles.
In the age of Internet, it's very easy to find different sorts of tutorials/speedpaints for different styles. Use this, find a style you think looks good and watch a speedpaint of it. Then try to replicate it in your own art, even if you don't get it right at first, just knowing the other style can aid in the future. Especially when it comes to mood-related pictures, knowing how to bring out different emotions through style variation is helpful.

5. Study how other visual arts do their thing.
Another youtube bait tip, but this can be very useful in figuring out how to get certain looks in your art. Even if you never plan to, say, 3D model anything, seeing a speedmodel will help understand how a certain look is created. I personally recommend looking anything related to practical effects in horror movies. Knowing how a mask or a puppet is built will help you  replicate the look or feel in your art.


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