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Had they been in their wolf forms, both men would have given few growls to each other. But they wore their human skins, though the way Cecil was carrying hides to the territory, it didn't seem very human to Charles.
Cecil was about to turn away, to move on with his day, when Charles moved closer. The tall werewolf tensed, feeling his teeth lengthen from the stress he felt when he was near that man. There was something off about him, something that made his instincts tell him to run.
"Kid, do you think you're gonna magically make up for your crimes by doing that?" Charles asked, eyeing the taller wolf with no fear in his eyes. Cecil grumbled, shrugging as a way to get out of this conversation. A firm hand on his shoulder stopped him.
"Or do you think by killing yourself slowly, you are gonna somehow make things better for everyone. For your pup or your friend? No, kid, you are just causing more grief" Charles continued his needling.
"I didn't kill them, okay?!" Ce
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NCH: Lessons in child-safety [Hazel's intro]


Hazel raced down the slopes, the sun had set about 3 hours ago and things were starting to quiet down along the outskirts of the small town she had stumbled upon the day before.  Hazel was starving, and a nice deer sitting on the side of the road sounded like a 5 star meal right now,  her stomach growled with anticipation as Hazel reached the roads, She sat at the side for a moment to catch her breath and listen for oncoming traffic, none came, Hazel stood and darted for middle of the lanes, she had learned that this was the best place to find the larger animals as they tended to make it further.  The only problem was that Hazel had a hard time keeping the rotting flesh down, but it was better than nothing and there was no way she would go into the town.  She didn't want to be seen by any more humans.  The cooling air of the evening ticked her ear fur and felt wonderful running through her fur, her tail st
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SH: Styx
Name: Statistics or Ihtiriekko, referred to as Styx for short.
-Fighter Record name: GC HC Overturns Expected Statistics.
Age of Death: Vague, but at most 18.
Species: Shiniko (Death Echo)
House: House of Chance, run by a Dema of Odds and Statistics.
Forms: Dog (Mutt) and Anthro Dog


Feral Exposure.
Benefits: Styx can call upon the animal forms he has gained to manifest their bone structure to his original form. This tears his skin, but the wounds heal faster than normal. He can, for example, call upon the talons of an owl or the jaws of a dog. He can only manifest bones and not the attached musculature at this point, though it is possible he could one day do that.
Drawbacks: The bigger difference between a human and the animal anatomy wise, the more energy these changes take. The powers also still tear his skin and expose his musculature, as such Styx needs to heal between changes. Styx also lacks any knowledge of anatomy, and as such he can try to give himself things that will cause massive internal damage (wings, for example).

House Power- Random Number God.

Benefits:  As the world is random and chaotic, Styx can use this to his advantage. Anything that relies on chance, Styx can change its outcome.
Drawbacks: Sadly, only as far as giving another possible result. It could, therefore, go really well or really badly for Styx. In addition, as Styx has not developed this power much and has trouble thinking beyond today, he does not yet understand to stack the odds in his favour.

Personality: Ruined before he could be built, his Dema usually says. Styx could be said to lack personality entirely to outsiders. To ones that have been around him a while start to notice what counts as Styx's personality. Styx is not withrawn, choosing to just wait quietly for an order. Because of his childhood being mentally dominated and trained to be desirably weak, Styx hasn't yet figured out that he is no longer starving or weakened. He will cover when someone yells and failure drives him to hide in fear of a punishment.  Styx actually doesn't acknowledge his fellow 'siblings' and they often ponder if Styx knows they exist at all. He does, but he sees it beneficial to not form bonds, bonds can get you hurt.

Underneath this fugue, Styx seeks power and control. Though his person is subdued, these two things drive Styx to survive and better himself. Power over others and control over his fate. As such, Styx in the ring is a frightening mess of claws and teeth that rarely stops until either he or his opponent is knocked-out. There is no rage in Styx, just drive. Due to lacking any other way to control others, Styx has chosen to be a fast and brutal fighter. He does not actually seek any other way to hold onto others, seeing anyone outside the ring as greater in their station than him. That is, frighteningly, for the best.

Beyond the ring, Styx is saddeningly predictable. He stays in his room, unless he is told to clean or polish something. He really shouldn't, but his Dema felt he needs to do something during the day. As such, Styx is paradoxially  one of the highest ranked Shiniko in the house and the most dedicated maid. This is actually on purpose by Styx, as he learned early in life that his best bet to survive with least amount of harm was to lay low and stick to the jobs he could do. Making waves meant attention was on you and attention from the masters is bad news.

He really didn't have it good in life, born prematurely to a serf, sold to be owned by a noble who liked pretty boys. Never given a choice or a chance to be himself, the boy succumbed to his injuries and starvation in his cell. Easily forgotten and his carcass disposed of aftwards.

Even after his death, the boy saw no hope as a shiniko, captured by the Black Market and kept as a servant for various Dema. He never had a permanent master, not that he cared or even knew to care. All that mattered was that he was given his peace.

Then someone bought him as dross to be thrown into the fighting rings for a quick amusement between more serious matches. That was the boy's life then, beating after beating. Until one day it stopped, as the boy decided to just tear into his foe with his bony claws and teeth because he was told. This was both unexpected by his owner and the boy himself. His foe stood no chance and it was a lucky break the poor sod was dragged out alive at all. The boy had not expected to win, he had just fought because that's what he was supposed to do.

So the boy was thrown into more fights, ones that he easily won. He simply did what he was told and did not think much of it. This was just life, this was just what they wanted of him. But the Black Market Dema were clearly impressed and began to shower the boy with gifts. From fancy clothes to good food, the boy accepted but never truly understood why. Things only got stranger when he was bought by another Dema, one who valued their pets and fought them sensibly.

The sudden freedom of movement confused the boy, more so when his master got tired of him just staying inside his room. They started taking the boy to see various sights near them, to ease the boy's mind. Soon,however, the Dema realised that the boy just wasn't aware of his surroundings like a regular Shiniko would be. So he was simply left to his own devices to be and not cause trouble, his owner being far too aware how easily their precious fighter could break if too much pressure was put on him.

The boy, despite all of the freedom and chances to live, existed in his fugue state for a good while. His master let him, providing food and shelter but not asking the boy to do more than he needed to. The boy fought at fights, gathering up trophies and prize sums easily. The very few times he lost, his Dema often had to coax him out of his room to eat. They and the rest of the house shiniko often spent hours discussing the boy, trying to find ways to heal his wounds.

The boy had no wounds, though. There was nothing that time could heal in the young man so easily forgotten. But he was changing, even if his fugue was blinding him. The boy slowly realised he lacked any fresh wounds from punishments and he began to hear the chants his fans called at his matches. Maybe he could relax a bit?

Tidbits and other miscelania;

  • *Ihtiriekko is an old Finnish word for a ghost of a bastard child. Given Styx gives this name to this day, it is entirely possible he is Finnish or his first Dema was.
  • *The nickname Styx came about both to sound scarier and to be shorter for the announcer to say during fights. Plus, given Styx' gloomy and frightening way of behaving, it fits.
  • *The titles on his record name are short for 'Grand Champion' and 'House Champion'. Grand Champion for not losing 10 fight events in a row, House Champion for having the best record of his house.
  • *His dema really does care for their shiniko, as they all are either proof of statistics or execptions to them. As such, each one is precious.
  • *Styx is a bit awful when it comes to the modern world, much to the amusement of his housemates. Until one day he threw an expensive phone to the trash when it stopped working. After that, he was not given anything beyond a beeper.
  • * Had no formal training in combat, but  after being bought, has been dragged to classes almost constantly. Now knows the basics of kickboxing, capoeira and karate. Has some Japanese dog fighting experience as well, to make him more useful in that form.
  • *Fighting style is very mobile, with kicks and punches/slashes. He comes on like a freight train and can last a while due to his high pain resistance. Once he has a hold onto you, he will start slashing and biting until he is called off. In fights that restrict powers, Styx instead chooses to tire his opponent out with dodges and feints.
  • *Like with everything, has not trained his powers beyond the level they are useful. Getting him better himself is one heck of a task.
  • *In truth, even the Black Market is a bit unsure of his origins. They found him, put him to work and that was that.
  • *There is some serious discussion in his house if Styx is a memory shiniko because he retains things from his life. However, the point is moot thanks to Styx' conditioning. It is very likely that Styx never had any memories to retain and may not even know he died.
  • *Actually, he doesn't quite know. He knows he hurt -badly-, but then he got better. He does know that others are dead, though.
  • *Refuses to accept he can read, because that would mean he would be put to tasks he cannot do as well.
  • *In fact, Styx refuses to accept change because change is scary and the world is dangerous. As long as he does as he is told and is praised, he can survive
UP: Sanguis sheet
For :iconunitypack:


Sanguis Cynophilious
          -Nickname: Sangy.
Gender status: Intersex, agender. (Pronouns: they/them)
Age: 27
Age Appearance: Mid-twenties.
Birthday: 21.09.1990
Birthplace: Luxembourg.

Hair Color: Dark reddish orange with some vitiligo.
Eye Color: Dark green.

Skin tone: Fairly pale, some vitiligo spots.
Tattoos: Serial number on right wrist.
Scars: whip scars on the back and backs of their legs. Some surgery scars.



Detail-Oriented: Sangy was raised to be the best and to do their duty without fail. As such, they often spend hours upon hours making sure they have everything correct. This may have resulted in a bit of an obsession with details, sadly.

Obedient: As benefitting from a well-bred and well-conditioned werewolf, Sangy answers to commands on the spot and has no trouble listening to even the most complex one. They can be a bit uncreative filling them at times, but their brain does seem to work.

High Tolerance: Due to growing up being prodded and poked due to their unique body and due to their status as a rich werewolf, Sangy is very hard to anger for a werewolf. They tend to more huff and move away from troublesome pups, than growl. Some joke they are even de-barked.


Conditioned: Sangy was raised by werewolves who truly believed their money and their bloodline was the best. Their ways rubbed off to Sangy very hard, as Sangy was in and out of the family hospital and library. Sangy will not question easily, they will rarely even comment unless their opinion is asked. This also means their medical care is often scientific and exact.

Stuck in behavioural models: Sangy knows very well what was expected of them back in Luxembourg. To appear regal and without a hair out of place at meetings, do their orderly and later medical job without causing problems and listen to their elders.

Submissive: This is not a very dominant wolf, even if Sangy tries their best to act their rank. They aren't exactly the pushiest doctor and anyone higher rank than they can pretty much walk all over them.

New Toxic: Despite being extremely submissive and typically hard to anger, Sanguis still lives by the rules their family set for them. As such, Sanguis is constantly trying to make their pack behave similarly. Especially for the less socially aware North Pack members, this viewpoint can be damaging to accept. Sanguis does not care, the way of their family is the -true- way anyway.

New Stubborn/Frustrated: After the (unwanted) rescue by their pack, Sanguis has not been in the best of moods. They lash out and refuse to accept that the North Pack is compassionate and caring. Sanguis got the taste of a life they truly wanted, and now the difference between their former life and their new pack is more blatant to them.

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual, anything goes if expected of them.

Werewolf Basics

Please make your Lycan form a few inches over the Human form

Height: 4'2''
Weight: 70lbs

Height: 5'7''
Weight: 90lbs

Height: 6'5''
Weight: 150lbs

Pelt Colors

Dark red-brown gradient fading to light on their belly, feet and snout. Vitiligo spots here and there. Eyeglass pattern in darker red-brown around the eyes, melting into a 'hoop' around the mane. Mane itself is lighter red. Almost a brindle pattern on dark red on the body, paws and tail.

Bitten or born: Born
Allergic to silver: No


Visual Of Character


Look at the artwork.



While in the quote un quote new world, werewolves generally had all the freedom to roam until the europeans arrived, in europe itself living in such cramped spaces was often quite the task. Especially when you lived in central europe, where sea was far off and cities were the norm. But what wilderness didn't give, the cities offered. Mainly, money.

So it was that a very industrious werewolf family began to hoard money as well as any local werewolves who roamed near their territory. These rogues were invited in with promises of good hunts and safety, often these promises were even met.

But the thing about hoarding is that it abhors change. As centuries crawled onwards, the once healthy pool of werewolves of the Cynophilious family slowly bottlenecked into a mess. From that mess, Sangy was born.

Of course, they weren't red as blood, but their reddish fur even as a pup was seen as a mark of the family breeding. Pity, it also came with a severe case of intersexuality. Poor Sangy was in and out of hospitals a lot due to their hormones bouncing about their body like hyper superballs. But to the family elders' joy, Sangy also started to show interest in medicine.

As such, Sangy had the pleasure of being tutored daily into pathology and anatomy. Once they were sixteen, they started on more complex subjects. Any deviation was punished, all social events were compulsory. They HAD to get that doctorate by 25.

So they did, all the while staying stylish and regal. But also more and more useless to the family, as the treatments they had received had made them infertile. As such, Sangy ended up just being the family doctor.

Until they saw a younger cousin being trained how they once were. The implication was clear, Sanguis was going to be replaced.

So they packed their bags and headed away into the wilderness of Germany, hoping to find a pack there that needed them. Some amount of alcohol and drugs might have been involved deciding this.


Group History

Sanguis arrived to Germany in good time and met with Trace, their future alpha. Though the doctor was strange, they soon found themselves as the pack's sole healer. Things went well, though rather sedate, until a gaggle of local hunters captured the red wolf.

Kept in a basement, Sanguis met the hunters' chief torturer, Niks. Niks hit all the ideal things Sanguis has subconsciously sought for in a master, and the wolf quickly not only submitted to the human but actually felt mental peace in their situation. Though they would not reveal the location of the North Pack, even under torture.

However, Sanguis' pack had not been idle. They burst into the hunters' lair and 'rescued' the very reluctant Sanguis. This act of betrayal sparked an inner-fire in the doctor, which made them lash out at their packmates. Right now, Sanguis is still healing from the torture, but time will tell if they will stay loyal to their pack. Or will their growing sense of freedom destroy them before that can happen?



Agility - 7
Strength - 5
Endurance- 8
Influence- 3
Intelligence -7
Willpower- 3
Luck - 2



//Lunar-Nightfall intro//

Inkblot groaned at the questions, he hated when the new meat was so damned ignorant. It made training and integrating them into the culture much harder.
“You are a werewolf, you have been captured. That is the wrong you did, you were born a monster” Inkblot repeated the age-old mantra the Handlers used.

“Basically, you are going to be trained to serve a purpose and that means your old life is over. If they let you have your old name, great, but I doubt it” he said and laughed at Nicodemus’ statement.

“No, you don’t. I fight when my owners tell me to, sometimes killing other werewolves. Like pit bulls, I am a fighting dog for my master” Inkblot explained, circling the new werewolf like a predator.

“I am here to offer you a nice way to adjust, otherwise, well” he spoke, looking at the door.

“They will get their product in the end. It just can be either painful or easy for you” he finished his speech.



Group Details

Pack: North
Alpha: Trace Dubois
Rank Current: Healer
Rank Goal: ???

Mature Content

This content is intended for mature audiences.

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WARNING: This log includes child abuse and indoctrination of a minor. As such, mature content filter and a warning.


The winter was slowly shrinking from even the northern lands of the territory, making life a bit easier for the hardy northern wolves.

Sanguis wasn't one of them, the red wolf still did their job as a medic, but dark thoughts had come into their mind from recent encounters with other wolves. They felt so tired and so done with how the pack seemed to lack any true hierarchy.

To think they had left their home for this, maybe being euthanized was better than languishing.

They were cleaning the medical clinic now, making sure everything was as spotless as it could be. Trying to occupy their time with something.  


Philip sighed to himself and walked around, his head hung low, his ears flattened against his head. It was times like this that he wished his mother hadn't left him and that he had some siblings-anything to get his mind off of the guilt that absolutely stabbed at his heart. It was becoming so bad to the point that he didn't look up and instead paced around the camp body, eventually doing it at a faster pace as if he was stalking after something. Had he been doing this for about 1-maybe 2 hours? Either way, he hasn't stopped, until he let out a loud yip, one of his soft paw pads getting penetrated by a splinter on the ground, blood seeping out from the small but painful wound almost immediately.


 Hearing the yip, Sanguis looked up from their work.  The red-furred medic took a bit to take their lycan form and loped to meet the one whimpering and crying.

Seeing Philip, Sanguis' ears moving back, then to the front and then the wolf sat down next to the pup like a scolding parent.
"You can heal that" they noted, grabbing hold of Philip's paw.


Philip's face reddened in embarrassment and he tried his best to pull back, huffing and puffing out his chest. "I don't need no dumb healing! I'm a...I'm a tough wolf!" He exclaimed, trying to growl in an intimidating way to emphasize his point. "Thanks but no thanks, sir...m'am? Anyway, I'm most certainly fine!" He briefly licked one of his teeth that seemed to somehow be chipped, luckily it was a baby tooth.  There was also a slight bump near his muzzle which a physical hit had caused, "I understand that adults like you are going through some life-changing hormones to make you act like this but I can assure you I'm alright."


Sanguis snarled at the cub, lifting their hackles up at his insolence. The lycan growled very audibly as they got in the pup's face.
"Quiet" Sanguis spat back at the pup as they held onto Philip's paw tightly, before letting it go as roughly.

"Do not insult me, pup. Do not speak to your -betters- with such insolence, that is not your place!" they snapped, studying the Philip very carefully now.

"Who hit you?" they asked, grabbing for the cub's chin with no thought for their claws.


Philip could feel his tail tuck in immediately, and he looked stunned from the sudden words, a soft whine escaping his lips.  He couldn't remember the last time someone yelled at him-and he didn't want to.

Looking away, he spoke up in a slightly nervous tone, his eyes narrowed, "Hit me? Nobody, more like I hit them!" He then grinned widely, "Don't you know that I'm an expert at karate? With these tough paws, nobody can-ow-stop me!"


Finally, someone behaved, Sanguis thought as they sniffed the pup once more.
"Was it a human or a werewolf?" they asked, judging the injuries very carefully now.

"And why, did they do something to you to deserve it?" the medical asked, still a bit poofy but now a slight bit more relaxed.


Philip tried to hold in a giggle as he got sniffed, it causing a tickling sensation on his body. Now looking at the medical, he hesitated slightly before sighing out, "A human....Well, don't tell anyone this but this football kid challenged me to a fight for talking to his....I think it's called a girlfriend? Yeah."

"And not wanting to disappoint Trace by not being the brave wolf he knows I am, I accepted!.." His ears pressed against his skull, "And then I realized that I may not be so good at karate....And then I had to sorta-accidentally-bite him to get him to leave."


"You should have killed him," the medic said with no emotion or hatred, like stating a fact.
"You are a superior creature from him, so he deserved what he got" Sanguis continued and stood on their back legs.

"If you bit him, but don't think he deserves the Gift, just wait until he is alone and tear his throat out" they continued as they looked for some antiseptic to clean Philip's snout.


Philip's ears perked up in alarm, not expecting to hear this one bit. Kill him? How could he kill someone?! He wasn't even bleeding! Then again, to the pup it did sound reasonable, he did know that werewolves were superior to humans....but was killing him really needed?

"But how? Just look at my teeth, you expect me to tear his throat out successfully with these? They're not even completely grown!" He exclaimed, his tail swaying back and forth, "But I guess that it what brave wolves do..."


You broke it, pup, you fix it. Or you will pay for turning someone" Sanguis said coolly, loping to poor Philip with a rag soaked in antiseptic. With no warning, the adult lycan pressed the rag onto Philip's snout where the wound was.

"It isn't about being brave, it is about making sure those lower than us do not get something they don't deserve. Humans are filthy, they are foolish and without sense. They are below us, they do -not- deserve to become us" the red wolf spoke their propaganda.


Philip began to shake, he had gotten scared quite easily from this,  his teal eyes going wide. No, no, no! Was Sanguis saying that everything Trace told him was a lie? He didn't have to be a brave wolf but instead a...superior one? To put every lesser being in their place?!

He could feel tears corner his eyes, not only from the pain of the antiseptic but because of the realization of what he had done. He would get banished for turning someone, he just knew it! Philip then pulled away and furrowed his eyebrows, his tail tucked in again, "Does that mean I'm going to get hated for doing this?! As long as nobody knows, I'll be alright, right?!"


Sanguis was cold, as other had been for them when they were Philip's age.
"No one is going to hate you, as long as you fix your mistake," the red wolf said without emotion, continuing to clean Philip's snout carefully. They were a messed up conditioned thing, but they were still a medic.

"This is why we are careful, pup because we are -better-"


Will had been wondering around the packs camp in wolf form when he saw Sanguis and Phillip off to one side. He began to make his way over when he began to overhear the conversation. His paws dug into the snow at the words he heard. Why would Sanguis be telling that to a pup? It was at that point that Will butted in. "Whats going on you two."


Philip sobbed softly and whined, his head held low as he heard Sanguis' words. He knew that crying now wouldn't help but he couldn't help himself, his head shaking side to side lightly at the thought of everyone hating him. It was more than he could stand! "I can't kill him, please don't make me! I-" Hearing the steps of another wolf, he tensed up, quickly lifting his head and forcing his voice to stop being shaky,  "Nothing!"


 Sanguis bared their teeth at the pup, looking quite demonic with their red fur and bright green eyes.
"If you bit him, you are responsible for taking care of it," they said, growling low.

As Will arrived at the scene, Sanguis' ears lowered and their tail tucked between their legs. But only for submission.
"Guard, the pup here bit a human and does not want to clean his mistakes. I am trying to explain to him the facts" they spoke, licking their nose between words to show they were not a threat to Will.

Sadly they were for the pup.


"Philip. Is it true? Did you bite a human?" Will could see the fear in the young pups eyes. What did Sanguis say to make Philip this shaken up? He turned his attention to Sanguis. "If he didn't bite the other kid out of bloodlust, the other boy won't become like us. Scaring Philip won't do any good. He's still just a kid. He's learning."


Philip nodded sheepishly and began to back up, deciding if he should just run at this point. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I was just trying to defend myself!" He exclaimed, his fur fluffed up and head held low in shame, "Please don't make me kill him-and please don't tell Mr Trace!" He was sure that their alpha would be disappointed in him, "I'll do anything, just please don't banish me!" He cried.


Sanguis snapped their teeth at the pup, trying their best to assert dominance on the child. As soon as Will spoke to them, they switched back into submission. Like they were switching masks they wore often.
"I am not scaring him, Guard. Just explaining his chances" they said, but what Will said next made the red wolf cock their head to the side.

"Even if he wasn't in bloodlust, better be safe, right?" they asked. Snorting at Philip's outburst.


Will moved closer to the pup. He placed his head on the pups. "Don't worry Philip. You won't get kicked out. We just need to explain what happened to Trace and everything will be ok." After his attempts to comfort the pup, Will turned his attention to Sanguis once again and glared at them. "No. Not better safe than sorry. We are NOT killing anyone. It wasn't in bloodlust. It was in defence. NO ONE DIES"


Philip nearly passed out from the sight of Sanguis teeth, collapsing to the ground and groaning out. He whimpered and immediately took a submissive stance, trying his best to look apologetic to Sanguis before turning to Will, "No, please don't tell Trace! It won't be okay if you tell him, you can't!" Springing back up to his feet, he ran behind Sanguis, growling the best he could at Will, "I won't tell him!"


The expression on Sanguis' face was confused, but they still submitted without an argument, flattening low on the ground with their tail tucked between their legs and their ears flat. No thought was spared for the pup, not even a glance.

"Yes, Guard," they said, slinking away like a devil red serpent. They were about to slink to their cabin when Philip came near them to hide. Sanguis, with not a growl, smacked the cub away from themselves. They huffed with annoyance.

"Fix your problem yourself" they snapped, turning to leave.


Will watched as Philip was knocked away from Sanguis as they walked away. He immediately rushed to the pups side. "Philip are you ok." Will couldn't believe what he had just heard and witnessed. Why would Sanguis say such things to a pup? It was becoming obvious to Will that he and Sanguis were raised in very different conditions. Will turned his attention back to the pup. "Don't worry. I'll help you"


Philip whined softly and looked down, sniffling softly. He then forced himself to stand and looked away from Will with slight  tears in his eyes, "No, don't worry, I'm fine.." He murmured out although his body posture said otherwise.


The red wolf loped to the medical cabin, stopping to look at Philip and how he reacted to the slap. Even as Sanguis was still submitting to Will, there was an affirmative nod at the poor boy.
"Good," they said and sat down, watching the boy now with interest.

Looking up at Will, Sanguis licked their lips nervously.
"The children must learn responsibility" they tried to explain, but even that sounded fake in their own ears. The red wolf coughed to get better words out.
UP: Bites of all sizes
For :iconUnityPac:

Summary: Philip is distraught over biting a bully, he find Sanguis to help him. Only, the North Pack Healer seems more eager to further their speciest agenda. Will comes to Philip's aid.

Philip is played by XxVampweebyxX

Will is played by BronySolarGuard

Sanguis is played by Ana-Mizuki
NCH: Character concept adopts
For :iconnewcresthill:

As the month changes and NCH is open again, I thought I'd offer anyone new a chance to grab a concept that comes with free ties.

NOTE: ALL of these characters can be any gender, their looks and designs are simply to showcase their concepts.

Witch 1.
Character ties: Cecil (Cousin or a sibling)
Quote: "I don't know what is out there, but I can only trust my magic to protect me from creatures that hunt me"

Witch 2.
Character ties: Charles (Parent or a second-cousin)
Quote: " I have seen what the Devil can do, I can do much worse and at a much lower price"

Vampire 1. (On hold to dragonshadow788 )
Character ties: Cecil (Cousin or a friend)
Quote: " Dunno what happened to me, but I don't dare step outta these woods. There's somethin' inside me makin' me feel awful"

Vampire 2. (On hold to lizzy5651119 )
Character ties: Charles (Parent)
Quote: "I don't fear werewolves, they're just bossy. More concerned about the evil that doesn't change shape"

Note me if you are interested in any of these characters.

Base by :iconrofeal:



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